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Uptown Top Rankin’

I meant to get this up last night. This is just one of those perfect start your Saturday or Sunday am jams. It also served as the impromptu theme song to my recent quick surf trip to Puerto Rico, what?

Also, something to listen to in the background while you look at the same post and/or video—that’s no longer available, BTFW—of the LCD concert being rehashed(“reblogged” is so 2009) on your Dash, over and over and over.


You’re probably wondering why we’re posting this after the #30 feature, but as you know, is all go go go here..but here is it (better late then never)! We’re seemingly on a roll with interviewing the Djs who performed at the first Audio dOughnuts event a while back; with the last


According to a recent study, 60% of B2B marketers plan to increase social media marketing spending this year.

Sometimes, the approach is the same as it would be in non B2B marketing, sometimes it can be very different.

Mashable have put together ten tips:

1. Use Twitter Effectively
2. Figure…


Global icons to join in action for the planet by going dark for #earthhour. See what was done in 2010 #DT @earthhour



August 2009 had 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays, all in one month. This only happens once in 823 years.

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My dear friends in the band Locksley made this video to document the protests that have been going on for weeks in our hometown, Madison, Wisconsin. They submitted it to CNN’s iReport with the following message:

“If you are engaged in work that benefits humanity and is for the building of humanity it has dignity and it has worth.”

We are not filmmakers. We are a band from Madison, WI that now lives in New York City. We sing love songs mostly and don’t wade into political debates and as we see it, we still haven’t. Any attack being waged against any worker, union or non, in this country is an insult that mustn’t be tolerated. Workers, all workers, deserve to be respected. They built this country and they are the ones who live in it.

So we say ‘Honor Labor’ - ALL labor -everyone who has helped to make our cities and states and country a little better than when it was given to us. They deserve it.

Let us seek to rise with the workers, not from them.

Honor Labor,


To download Locksley’s song “Oh, Wisconsin,” go to and name your own price. These boys are giving back to the state that raised and educated them (and me!) by donating all proceeds to Wisconsin public schools.





bden makes an MCR reference at 3:22

please note: ryan actually resists dancing at the mere mention of the band MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE…..

I love Brendon for this. 


thers no real love in you. why do i keep loving you?
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Day 7 (counting is hard): thanks Mom!